D81M - Medium porcupine-style grooming brush

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Air-cushioned for comfort, flexible nylon pins gently reset your style whilst our natural bristle adds gloss, shine and polish. Our mixed bristle is a combination of natural bristles that add shine and a flexible nylon bristle that gently detangles and refreshes your hair.  

What is it best for? 

  • Refreshing, Adding Polish & Shine   

Perfect for: 

  • Adding shine  

  • Refreshing your style  

  • Reducing frizz  

  • Gentle grooming and detangling  

  • Grooming the hair  

How does it work? 

  • Flexible nylon bristles set into tufts of natural bristle gently reset the style   

  • Natural bristles add gloss, shine and polish by bringing out the hair’s own oils and smoothing the cuticle 

  • Air- cushioned pad means gentler on the scalp and hair  

Product Care & Features: 

  • Cover airhole at the top of the brush and then wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and leave to dry away from direct heat and sunlight. 

  • Remove loose hair with a comb 

  • Can be used with a hairdryer.  

  • High gloss finish

UPC: 738623000502
  • Color: Black
  • Brush Length: 8.46 inches
  • Brush Width: 2.36 inches