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Inspired by his sister and her struggle to find the perfect brush, John Denman Dean (Jack Dean) creates the original Denman brush.


Jack Dean’s passion for innovation and engineering sees the formation of two companies, Denman Products Ltd and Denman Tools Ltd in Welwyn Garden City, England


Jack Dean, a Northern Irish native, sells the business to Lyndsay & Williams and the brand and its manufacturing moves to Northern Ireland.


The Rainey family purchase the business and, to meet increasing global demand, open a London office.


The revolution in hair-styling continues and demand out-strips supply. The family invest in a second manufacturing location based in Bangor, Northern Ireland.


Denman become big in Japan and experience rapid growth in Singapore, the Philippines and Taiwan.


Following rapid growth in the US, Denman Inc. opens in Boston, USA


Denman purchase Comby of London, to increase its portfolio of professional tools to over 1,200 products.


An export office opens in Amsterdam to meet the needs of the growing European and Asian markets.


Denman celebrates its 75th anniversary.


Denman increases its portfolio of professional tools with the purchase of the Bobby Company.


Denman celebrates 80 years of styling hair around the world.

Since its birth in 1938, Denman has helped to create beautiful, brilliant hair.

From our humble roots of a brother creating a brush to help his sister style her hair to the tool used by superstar hairdressers to create the iconic bob, the elfin crop or just big beautiful curls, our tools continue to help transform hair in over 60 countries around the world.

Driven by a desire to help his sister style her fabulously curly yet unruly hair, John Denman Dean created a revolutionary styling brush, now known as The D3. An engineer and an adventurer, he travelled the world to find the materials to create the iconic Denman brush. In New York, he was introduced to NYLON and was among the first to introduce this revolutionary new material to the UK and began production in England.

A Northern Irish native, he brought the manufacturing back to Northern Ireland where almost our entire range is still made and hand-finished today. Owned and stewarded by the Rainey family, we continue to demonstrate an unrivalled commitment to quality and innovation. Working alongside world-leading stylists, our products are designed and made by the same teams who develop state of the art equipment and tools for the military and aerospace industries.