Glamorous Waves Blow-Dry

Glamorous Waves Blow-Dry

By Denman Ambassador Caterina Di Biase


Step 1

Start with clean, damp hair and section into two parts.





Step 2

Starting at the nape of the neck, take small to medium vertical sections and blow-dry hair with the Denman Headhugger brush 33mm. Keep a tight tension and ensure the hair is nice and hot.




Step 3

Continue this technique around the head, swapping to the Denman Headhugger brush 25mm for hair close to the roots and near the hairline.





Step 4

Be sure to twist each strand of hair as the brush is unravelled, for a tighter barrel curl finish.





Step 5

Use a Denman Rake Comb 226mm to brush hair through and work it out.





Step 6

Rake hands through hair for more bounce, finishing with the Denman Tail Comb 205mm to accentuate each bend in the hair.





Denman Products Used

Denman Headhugger 25mm Brush

Denman Headhugger 33mm Brush

Denman Rake Comb 226mm

Denman Tail Comb 205mm

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