Step by Step Natural Hair Looks From HairByJoel

Why not mix up your style this Natural Hair Week? Hairstylist and Director of HairByJoel, Joël Benjamin creates two trendy looks using the Denman D31 and D85. Check out these step-by-step photo tutorials and see how you can recreate them for yourself!

BeFunky Collage1

BeFunky Collage2

Step 1 - Apply coconut oil to scalp and hair, taking cornrow like sections and working from one ear over to the other. Feel free to be as liberal or conservative as you like. Then wrap a hot towel that's been soaked in a hot water and wrap it around your as head. Making sure the hot towel covers all your hair under it. The heat from the towel opens the pours in the scalp and hair, allowing the coconut oils to penetrate deeper to promote healthier, happier hair.

Step 2. Once the towel has cooled down, remove and start blow drying your hair as you normally do. I found that using the Denman D31 and D85 Metal Pin brush help straighten the hair with a lot more ease. Creating the look below

Step 3. Once your hairs is as straight as you wish from blow drying, feel free to run some straighteners through your hair and style accordingly. I've opted for a half up, half down 5 Strand Dutch braid on top with Fishtail braids on the sides into braided Top Knot.

BeFunky Collage

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