The Natural Cole’s How-To-Events


In May 2012 after I big chopped to return to my natural hair texture I began attending local natural hair events here in Dallas, Texas to learn more about natural hair care.  Even though I was experienced with styling and caring for my chemically processed hair, learning to care for my natural hair was a new journey.   While attending these events and talking with other women I began to notice that everyone had the same questions, “how do I care for my natural hair?”, “how do I know which products to use?”, “how do I style my hair?” This made me realize that something was missing.

One night on the phone with my make-up artist I expressed how I felt that hair education, hair styling and proper product use was missing at these events.  Twenty minutes into the conversation she said, “Nicole, I think you are good with hair and maybe you should teach women how to care and style their natural hair”.  After I hung up the phone I thought about her suggestion. I sat on the idea for a month trying to figure out how I would organize an event to teach women about hair care.  I kept asking myself if this was something that I could do and if women would listen to me.

I’m not sure why I was so hesitant because I grew up with a mother who was hairstylist and that’s how I learned about hair at an early age.  I had many sleepless night pondering over the idea.  I woke up one morning and told myself this was something that I had to do and women needed my help!

Yes, I had experience with hair caring for my own hair but if I was going to teach other women I had to research about natural hair care and the science behind it.  I started reading books such as “The Science of Black Hair” by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy and cosmetology textbooks.

Reading these books expanded my knowledge about hair care.  I was learning about hair texture, hair porosity, hair follicles, pH balance and so much more.  The more I read the more I wanted to know.  I began to apply this new information to my hair care regimen and immediately saw a difference.  I knew I had to share this information with other women.

On September 27, 2014 I hosted my first “My Natural Hair: A How-To Event” here in Dallas, Texas.  The event was set up classroom style, with mirrors, towels, styling tools and swag bags full of products that would help women care for their natural hair.  I also reached out to a local professional licensed hair stylist to attend as a guest speaker and assist me with educating women on hair care and styling options. The response was overwhelming!  Since then I have organized 6 events known as the “The Natural Cole’s How-To Events” and created workbooks for attendees to take notes at each event.


(Attendees at the Natural Cole’s How-To Event)


(The Natural Cole explains the flat twist technique)


(Attendees learning how to properly detangle with the Denman D3 7-Row Brush)

I am incredibly passionate about helping other women learning to care and style their natural hair.  The more I continue to learn the more I want to share.  Caring for natural hair is somewhat new for a lot of African American women.  Like myself and many others that grew up in African American households we experienced having our hairs texture altered with straightening combs, flat irons or chemicals such as texturizers and relaxers.  There was little discussion about the science of hair care. I am extremely grateful that I put this idea into action.  I often receive messages from attendees expressing how attending these events has helped them better care for their natural hair.


(Attendees taking notes about hair education in the Natural Cole’s How-To Event Workbook)

I would like to thank the Denman for being a key sponsor and making each event a success.  My goal is to continue hosting natural hair events here in Dallas, Texas and expanding to other states and continue to educate women about natural hair care.  Since the creation of The Natural Cole’s How-To Events, I’ve had the opportunity to speak about hair care at other events such as the 2015 Bella Kinks Dallas Fort Worth Natural Hair Expo, The Dallas Textured Hair Marketplace, and The College Curls Tour and in July 2016 I’ll be conducting a workshop at the New Orleans Natural Hair Expo.

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The Natural Cole is not a professional hair stylist. These events are to help women feel great about their natural hair journey and share some of The Natural Cole tips. A professional stylist is always present to provide hair care education. <